Apprenticing [verb]

Definition of Apprenticing:

acquire information

Opposite/Antonyms of Apprenticing:

Sentence/Example of Apprenticing:

I wish to ask whether you would dream of apprenticing him to any such business.

I told him last evening about your plan of apprenticing him to Mr. Bickford.

I was thinking, when he gets a little older, of apprenticing him to some trade, but he is not fourteen yet.

Now, few are aware that when apprenticing boys to the sea a trial voyage is necessary.

"My father is talking of apprenticing me, Master Geoffrey," Walter said that evening.

It contains fourteen poor men and women, and the fund provides also for the apprenticing of poor children.

In apprenticing children who have attended school for five years, and in providing a suitable outfit.

At his native place he founded almshouses, and also left a sum for apprenticing its poor boys.

As the century passed, many men trained by apprenticing themselves in Virginia.

The system of apprenticing by indenture is now much less common than formerly.