Appressed [adjective]

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The plant is propagated chiefly by long and slender stolons, bearing appressed rudimentary stalk-bases.

Involucre club-shaped, yellowish; the rigid somewhat glutinous scales linear, closely imbricated and appressed.

Scales of the oblong involucre appressed, destitute of herbaceous tips (except n. 1 and 2).

Involucre globular; the imbricated scales coriaceous and appressed at base, attenuate to long stiff points with hooked tips.

Leaves scale-formed, obtuse, closely appressed and very persistent.

Skull: Size medium; braincase well inflated; zygomata strong, moderately appressed to cranium.

Skull: Large; braincase well inflated; zygomatic arches strong and slightly appressed to skull.

Pileus convex or expanded, dry, clothed with a very minute appressed tomentum, whitish.

It often extends beyond the insertion of the terminal flower and its glume, and then lies hidden appressed to the palea.

Spikelets are narrowly lanceolate, closely appressed and imbricate, 1/6 inch long excluding the awn and very variable.