Apprised [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Apprised:

She had not met with an accident, but had been detained at Palatka waiting for a passenger of whom the captain had been apprised.

When Edward reached Durham city, he was apprised of the passage of the Scots by a track of smoking ruins and devastated fields.

Of course the lady upon whom he operated was not apprised of his intention any more than on the first occasion.

When first he was apprised of this, his greed excited him, for some of the chief sweets of his office were the presents.

When shouts from the crew apprised them that the orang blanda chief was aboard, their cries of welcome died away.

The Queen, on being apprised of this incident, sent him a present of forty angels of gold.

Whitaker, apprised of the necessity of the case, asked if he should not warn Sir Jasper Cranbourne.

Of what this idea consisted, the reader will be apprised in due time.

He had been apprised of our coming, and was prepared for it.

There were no reporters—no one had been apprised of the attempt.