Apprized [adjective]

Definition of Apprized:

cognizant, conversant

Synonyms of Apprized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apprized:

Sentence/Example of Apprized:

The Dick was apprized by us of the danger in time, and succeeded in clearing the land by tacking to the southward.

My father died, as you know, very suddenly, and I was not apprized of his illness till he was no longer in this world.

In the morning was apprized of the approach of strangers by the report of a gun from my lookout guard.

I was not apprized, until within a few hours, of the arrangements which you have made for your departure.

He repaired immediately to the apartment of the Doctor, who, only by what was now said, was apprized of what had passed before.

Had I been apprized of the danger, I should have regarded my conduct as the means of rendering my escape from it impossible.

All other papers or transactions in relation to this matter, it is presumed, you are apprized of.

You were before apprized of the evacuation of Ticonderoga, and of the retreat of our army from thence towards Albany.

The next day I apprized the French Ambassador, who would not believe it at first.

She bade me remain where I was, until she had herself apprized Grace of my return from church.