Apprizing [verb]

Definition of Apprizing:

value highly

Synonyms of Apprizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Apprizing:

Sentence/Example of Apprizing:

I shall give the earliest notice of this to the worthy Capt. Tomlinson, that he may apprize uncle John of it.

He avoided, however, seeing and speaking to Seneca; but sent in a centurion to apprize him of his final doom.

I must apprize him that its highest beauty is only discovered by an horizontal sun in the winter months.

The servant replied affirmatively, and, showing the visitor into a small room, went to apprize his master.

I wish to apprize your Lordship that I think it will be necessary for the defendants to call witnesses.

Let me first, Bold one, said she, apprize them of your visit—for your own sake let me—for my brother is with them.

We reached pretty Douglas in the evening, and sounded our horn longer than usual to apprize mine host that the host was upon him.

She hurried out to apprize Mrs. Leonard Warren, as president of the Thanatopsis, of the miracle which had been worked.

When any great accounts were to be submitted to the Emperor, Duroc would apprize him in secret of some of the minutest details.

He therefore persuaded one of the rebel sentries placed over him to apprize the Begum that he wished to speak to her.