Approached [verb]

Definition of Approached:

come nearer

Synonyms of Approached:

Opposite/Antonyms of Approached:

Sentence/Example of Approached:

Let’s get clear on each approach, and understand why groups like the World Health Organization are pushing for equality right now, while some ethicists say that’s a mistake.

If you’ve never made a mortise and tenon joint, there are many approaches to creating the joint, and you’ll get lots of practice building a door.

Imagine if we tried the same approach on issues like poverty, education, and equal justice.

Our approach for misinformation is also not one that’s focused on taking content down as the only measure, which is the regime we all have operated in for many years.

They’ve both taken VERY different approaches when it comes to misinformation, in part because a lot of what happens on Facebook is in private groups, which makes it a harder problem to tackle.

If such vaccines prove successful, this approach might speed up the vaccine-making process.

A more traditional approach might store the coordinates for the entire pathway of the opponent’s movements, not just their overarching direction.

Solver Josh Silverman used a combinatorial approach to count up the solutions without needing to find them all, while Emma Knight was able to list them all out.

Whatever the approach, it needs to start with a leader who’s willing to heed the expertise of climate scientists.

For your retargeting video creative, we recommend a more direct approach since these shoppers have already visited your site and know your brand.