Approaches [noun]

Definition of Approaches:

way, means of arriving

Synonyms of Approaches:

Opposite/Antonyms of Approaches:

Sentence/Example of Approaches:

To wait for the slow approaches of a formal siege was out of the question.

Presently a little old woman approaches, shriveled and smiling, in her faded furbelows now in rags.

The most furious winds the mariner knows are those which he encounters as he approaches the still centre.

The structure in one of these specimens approaches to the amygdaloidal.

The navigation of the air approaches it in character, but does not present the vital problems of undersea travel.

If one approaches very cautiously so as not to be observed, a large “dog-town” presents a very curious sight.

That is—who ever approaches her, but obtains from her no favour, loses all joy in love, and only feels its bitterness.

My heart beats faster as the sound approaches: there must surely be a letter for me.

There was a spell in the shyness, which made her avoid and shun all admiring approaches to acquaintance.

Her other hand restrained with a soft caressing movement Joey's approaches to the saucer.