Approaching [adjective]

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It was in many ways a major departure from their typical approach to their craft.

It’s a well-worn approach historians have used to describe Glenn for almost half a century.

She said a more comprehensive and seamless approach to that regulation would allow for more solutions and innovations.

I think there’s likely to be a hybrid approach with cohorts coming in to work on projects that will keep the buildings being used.

Its existence strikes at two conflicting urges — wanting to see the vulnerable people in our lives and wanting to keep them safe — that have pulled at so many of us during this pandemic and now feel amplified as the holidays approach.

Experts have repeatedly recommended deploying them strategically in a multipronged approach.

So it’s a lot more hands-on approach, I would say, in a lot of the decisions to make sure the right decisions were being made.

These measures, which will run through December 6 at the earliest, suggest the failure of a more tentative approach that was very similar to ours in Germany.

The administration’s haphazard approach to antigen tests is an extension of that larger failure, he said.

Achieving this requires a sharp shift from our current ad hoc approach to production, delivery, and policies on who will get the vaccine.