Approbations [noun]

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To lose a breath of the public approbation in his present state, were to give up fatally the only stay on which he rested.

This was a very strong expression of approbation, and an uncommonly hearty welcome from a person of Mr. Sikess temperament.

Many, therefore, who did not assent to all that the King had said, joined in a loud hum of approbation when he concluded.

There he saw the ceremony of ordination performed, and expressed warm approbation of the Anglican ritual.

Shall he use any means to make his pleasure known, of which men, by giving obedience, will not testify their approbation?

To express to a friend deserved approbation is generally proper.

Barrington's perceptions seemed to grow clearer, and he asked a few pertinent questions before he nodded approbation.

I now want onely my misters approbation, who is indeed, the most polite punctuall Queene of dressing in all Burgundy.

Several members spoke in terms of approbation of the measure, and the motion was unanimously voted.

The approbation of their parents will afford such children far more pleasure than all their forbidden indulgences.