Appropriated [verb]

Definition of Appropriated:

set aside; allocate

Synonyms of Appropriated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appropriated:

Sentence/Example of Appropriated:

Lest they run afoul of this ravenous beast, they joined the tea party cause, held dozens of meaningless votes to repeal the Affordable Care Act and even shut down the government to prove that they were fighting with the appropriate vigor.

Many Americans living in rural areas do not have the facilities with appropriate refrigeration required to handle the temperature-sensitive vaccines.

Our goal was to make sure that if we decided to get back to participating and competing, which we did as a conference and an institution, that we put in the appropriate medical guidelines and protocols.

I ultimately closed the company, and while this decision was the appropriate business decision, it left a lasting impression on me.

The team did not provide any more specifics, saying it will “provide further updates as appropriate.”

Brands also have a clearer sense of what kind of messaging will be appropriate if things worsen.

Horan, who plays for the Portland Thorns in the National Women’s Soccer League, is “doing well” and “observing the appropriate quarantine protocols,” the USSF said.

Any extension to physical processes, he emphasized, needs to move beyond psychological terms, such as archetypes, that would not be appropriate.

You “must cease immediately or appropriate action will be taken against those involved,” he wrote.

I do think we need another one, but I think it reinforces the argument that I’ve been making the last few months, that something smaller rather than throwing another $3 trillion at this issue is more appropriate.