Appropriateness [noun]

Definition of Appropriateness:

appropriate conduct

Synonyms of Appropriateness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appropriateness:

Sentence/Example of Appropriateness:

We focus way more on potential for harm as a result of certain content being amplified on the platform without appropriate context.

The medical staff should be wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, and patients should keep their masks on at all times, only lowering them to half-mast for the swab.

Without the dogwood and magnolias, with leaves deciding which day to fall, perhaps this Masters should have some special distinction, appropriate to such a dreary yet invaluable semi-year of on-and-off sports.

Callers will be screened, and when appropriate for telephone reporting an officer will collect information.

To ensure you aren’t bogging down your site with heavy images, try using appropriate image types.

I don’t know that it speaks to acceptance of density everywhere, but where it’s appropriate and where it can make for an exciting place.

You can achieve both by making sure your doctor’s office is taking proper precautions like having all staff wear appropriate levels of PPE, cleaning and disinfecting high-use areas, and using appropriate testing measures.

For her part, Tushnet says it’s crucial to aggressively investigate such acts, and prosecute them when appropriate.

Staffing all of those beds with appropriate medical providers, that’s where the bottleneck is.

According to him, the solution is as simple as asking yourself whether you would trust the extremes of either side of the political aisle with the power of determining what is appropriate speech — and what isn’t.