Appropriations [noun]

Definition of Appropriations:

allocation, setting aside

Synonyms of Appropriations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appropriations:

Sentence/Example of Appropriations:

The income of the school fund has been three times used as a means of increasing the appropriations in the towns.

In 1897 a heavy cut in our appropriations made it necessary to consider every possible method of retrenchment.

It was supported by government appropriations and private philanthropy.

To these collections large additions have been made, at first mostly by gifts, but later by regular appropriations.

Such appropriations were used mainly for testing timber strength and the conditions affecting quality.

Fortunately there are other appropriations and funds and each year sees more money available for this most important work.

Would she not want a seat in the legislature to protect her property, a vote to control appropriations and taxes?

Increased appropriations for enlarged staffs of inspectors to enforce labor legislation.

The recommendation of the General of the Army that appropriations be made for the forts at Boston.

For several years Congress failed to provide adequate appropriations either for the development of the Park or for its protection.