Approximated [adjective]

Definition of Approximated:

almost accurate, exact

Synonyms of Approximated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Approximated:

Sentence/Example of Approximated:

For accuracy, 500 to 1000 leukocytes must be classified; for approximate results, 200 are sufficient.

His skin was of so light a yellow color as to approximate to dirty white, and his face was pock-marked from neck to crown.

They are for the most part straight, and intersect each other at approximate right angles.

It is impossible to arrive at even an approximate estimate of the number of victims of the early persecutions.

The approximate date is probably about the middle of the fifteenth century.

You were then 10 and your brother Robert was 8, I am talking about approximate ages now.

I shall endeavour, therefore, to approximate to the sum these engravings have cost the Royal Society.

Thus, the current indicated by the ammeter is a closely approximate measure of the conductivity of the solution.

In ordering letters kindly state approximate age, prevalent tastes,—and in case of invalidism, the presumable severity of illness.

As we know that this event took place in 1824, we know also the approximate time of the commencement of Elsner's lessons.