Approximation [noun]

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History can never be other than an approximation to the truth, even when it relates to the events and characters of its own age.

There is much reason to question the entire accuracy of these returns, yet there is doubtless an approximation to the truth.

Let us see what degree of approximation can practically be made to the necessary precision.

It is not only impossible to do this completely, but even to do so much of it as should constitute a tolerable approximation.

At noon an observation by the meridian altitude of the sun's lower limb gave us 35 30′, as an approximation to our latitude.

The invertebrate fauna shows an approximation to that of the present day.

Either this actual law, or a close approximation to it, is assuredly enforced in the best Gothic buildings.

In rough approximation we may point out four varying decades of work in Southern education since the Civil War.

However, he is obliged to do a little, and must content himself with an approximation to his doctor's directions.

Third, the approximation of the vocal cords at the precise instant the breath blast strikes them.