Appurtenances [noun]

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Appurtenance, ap-pur′ten-ans, n. that which appertains to: an appendage or accessory: (law) a right belonging to a property.

The Zulus hold that a dead body can cast no shadow, because that appurtenance departed from it at the close of life.

Pale sunlight flooded the square, white room where, in all its dignified complexity of appurtenance, the simple meal was laid out.

Curious wooden slat dance appurtenance made to represent lightning and its motions.

The two had a simultaneous birth, but it was an appurtenance of the latter that marked the distinction and gave the names.

Kwaque he merely accepted, as an appurtenance, as a part of the human landscape, as a chattel of Dag Daughtry.

Dinner was served in a small white Georgian dining-room, with every appurtenance of almost Sybaritic luxury.

His neck was well in the collar; his fee book had become more than a merely ornamental appurtenance.

Echolalia, however, is not an exclusive appurtenance of those who tic.

Be satisfied with your delightful new flat trunk, that is the only steamer appurtenance you need.