Aprons [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aprons:

Sarah was standing on the porch again wiping her hands on her apron, looking away toward the fields.

Shrieking inarticulate anathema, he rushed downstairs, the man in the green baize apron following at his heels.

That evening old Liz filled her teapot, threw her apron over it, and descended to the court to visit Mrs Rampy.

Mrs Rampy broke down at this point and threw her apron over her head to conceal her feelings.

Mrs. Gum dusted a large old-fashioned oak chair with her apron; but he perched himself on one of its elbows.

The old woman rubbed her own hand on her apron, an honor usually accorded only to the preacher, and held it out.

The nurse, a comfortable looking Griffe woman in white apron and cap, was urging her to return to her bedroom.

These they used for stuffing for the pad, and covered them with a pocket which Violet carefully ripped from her apron.

A field-marshal has his uniform, a bishop his silk apron, a counsellor his silk gown, a beadle his cocked hat.

He had opened the box and taken out the apron, which he handled far more carefully than he had the spotted gown.