Apse [noun]

Definition of Apse:

niche, corner

Synonyms of Apse:

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Sentence/Example of Apse:

The nave and porch were floored with plain red tesserae: in the apse was a simple mosaic panel in red, black and white.

The archway of the south transept apse is now the entrance to St. Catherine's Chapel.

He walked across to the grave-yard under a blackened wall—a bit of the apse of the vanished church—and sat down on a grave-stone.

The Ducal Palace begins to show mouldings on both sides, 28, 31; and 35 is a complete arch moulding from the apse of the Frari.

The apse was developed from the somewhat similar part of the Roman basilic, in which the magistrate (prtor) sat.

On either side of these central windows, a shaft, made in short joints, runs up the apse from base to eaves.

That eastern portion is clearly planned for an apse or chancel of some kind.

These columns are round on the faade, the eastern apse, and the apse at the end of each transept, but become pilasters elsewhere.

The apse of the cathedral consists of five chapels; the middle one is dedicated to the saint.

The choir is a five-sided apse, round which are the canons' stalls of good intarsia work.