Aptitudes [noun]

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The more recent development of the mind has been in its intellectual powers, while its physical aptitudes have somewhat declined.

In the collective mind the intellectual aptitudes of the individuals, and in consequence their individuality, are weakened.

The animal is ignorant of diversity, of the accumulation of aptitudes; man alone is "luxurieux," is libidinous.

But it is an education he has constructed for himself out of his aptitudes, as all other actual educations have really been.

I had no further intimations of his classical aptitudes; but he took me for a cleverer pupil than I was.

These men of aptitudes have a poor conception of the facts of life to meet the necessities of modern expansion.

These two aptitudes, simple though they be, characterize man better than the number of his vertebrae and his molars.

In all its adaptations and aptitudes, it demands union and abhors separation.

There was no other way to develop the manifold aptitudes of man than to bring them in opposition with one another.

Admission to the class is gained by exercise of the pecuniary aptitudes—aptitudes for acquisition rather than for serviceability.