Aptly [adverb]

Definition of Aptly:

relevantly, suitably

Synonyms of Aptly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Aptly:

Sentence/Example of Aptly:

Steaming vents of water bubbled into the aptly named Firehole River as I parked, and we set off on a wide gravel trail, bear spray at the ready.

Three and a half years ago, a burger-flipping robot aptly named Flippy, made by Miso Robotics, made its debut at a fast food restaurant in California called CaliBurger.

That’s despite the brewery-restaurant having a large patio, which has reopened, a bustling pickup business, and the launch of a wildly successful beer—aptly named “Fvck Covid” —which sells out as soon as they can put it on sale.

That’s where Jensen and her family run the aptly named Most Unlikely Place Gallery.

Fortunately, Google has just the tool for that—the aptly named Rich Results Test.

Whatever the king said in his ravings about Hermione, might as aptly be called part of his "theme" as part of his "dream."

To which Cicero himself aptly answers, "que contingit omnibus fidibus, ut incontent sint; illud non continuo, ut que incontent."

These tales may be aptly described as those of a new Cooper.

He found man in the vile and helpless condition so aptly pictured by the miserable child.

Pizarro, however, who has been aptly described as "terribly persistent," refused to return.