Aptnesses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Aptnesses:

He had just wrapped up another National Signing Day apt to enrich the rich when he said Thursday morning, “There’s been a lack of parity since the playoff has been introduced, and that’s not because of the playoff, but it contributes to it.”

Comparisons to the microwave are apt in that both technologies use electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths longer than infrared light.

Also, they’re apt metaphors for what you’re hoping to do in bed.

Yet, “brilliant” is the only apt word to describe Washington’s work.

The note at the top of the puzzle says, “The first letters of certain grid entries in this puzzle will spell out an apt seven-letter word.”

Bauer, more apt to follow Las Vegas betting lines, told Bieber they had the same odds to win.

User interface and experienceThis is where the iPhone comparison becomes most apt.

The pictures are distinguished for their aptness and perfect illustrative character.

From her tenderest years, she discovered a wonderful aptness, and a vehement desire, for acquiring languages.

I have, many times, and I never see such a rock without thinking of its aptness as an illustration of this Socialist philosophy.