Aqua [noun]

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A tint of aqua-marina of marvellous delicacy spread a soft hue throughout the cavern.

Neither this acid nor the nitrous will dissolve gold or platina; but a mixture of them, called aqua regia, will do it.

Platina is precipitated from a solution in aqua regia by sal-ammoniac, as gold is by martial vitriol.

It is soluble in the vitriolic or marine acids, and reduced to a yellow calx by nitrous acid or aqua regia.

If a little aqua-fortis be mixed with the water, the writing will dry well, and not run out of its form when the paper is wetted.

We decide to have a round drink: they choose the precious aqua vitae: the white sort I think.

In one dark corner lurked kegs of powder and of shot; another was the haunt of aqua vitæ and right Jamaica.

Boil some nut-galls in aqua fortis, and add to the infusion some gum Arabic and a little sulphuric acid.

"You have no need," he said, and going out of the room and down the stairs, made Stagg pour for him a glass of aqua vitæ.

Dissolve fine silver in aqua fortis; and after the dissolution, add some distilled water in the same manner as in the gold ink.