Aquamarine [adjective]

Definition of Aquamarine:

emerald in color

Synonyms of Aquamarine:

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Sentence/Example of Aquamarine:

Aquamarine, a name given to some of the finest varieties of beryl of a sea-green or blue colour.

The blue varieties are absurdly called oriental aquamarine by lapidaries.

The other type is the more familiar aquamarine window glass still to be found in 18th-century houses.

A piece of a bullseye pane of aquamarine glass occurs in the Marlborough finds.

She was in extremely low evening-dress of an aquamarine shade, flowered with gold.

On her left hand were an aquamarine, and a scarab that shone like the patina of an ancient bronze.

Dirk sat at a port and watched the aquatic life as it was illuminated by the powerful aquamarine searchlights.

The sky above was of that pale aquamarine tint that ballroom poets rhyme with "true" and "Sue" and "coo."

The aquamarine and golden beryl too belong to this same species.

St. Austell shone white in the aquamarine dusk, and darkness wrapped the dreary country beyond Truro.