Aquatics [noun]

Definition of Aquatics:

water sport

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Sentence/Example of Aquatics:

For many years Putney has been a centre of London aquatics, which have set their mark on the riverside.

Aquatics may be said to have reached full swing with the completion of these institutions at the Universities.

It was content to take the patriotic part of guarding national amateur prestige in aquatics.

The sons of each of these old athletes have similarly made their mark in aquatics of the present generation.

Aquatics, with dicious or polygamous flowers from a spathe; outer perianth calyx-like, the inner sometimes wanting.

There is another club called the Aquatics, which belongs exclusively to the members of the boats.

River "aquatics" have not always been free from recrimination.

However, he made good progress in two branches—aquatics and cricket.

In the following decade there seem to have been plenty of aquatics current.

Aquatics are propagated by seed sown under water: many will allow of root-division.