Aqueducts [noun]

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In attempting to break the aqueduct of Chapoltepec to cut off the water from the city, a powerful resistance was made.

The aqueduct is of brick, and is supported on two ranges of arches across the valley between two of the five hills of the city.

The headwaters of the Sele have been tapped for the great aqueduct for the Apulian provinces.

The present government, instead of constructing similar works, neglects even the repairs and requisite cleansing of this aqueduct.

The aqueduct, which had been long destroyed, he renewed, and brought in water through it.

The village stands among luxuriant gardens and orchards, watered by a copious aqueduct.

The first thing that Cortes did was to cut the aqueduct which carried fresh water into the city.

Time did not admit of a visit to the ruined aqueduct, of which, however, we obtained a glance while nearing the city.

If we may trust Colmenarus, the aqueduct of Segovia may be compared with the most admired labours of antiquity.

The aqueduct flows through the city, and runs beneath the greatest number of houses, which are at the lower end.