Aquiline [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Aquiline:

His nose was large and aquiline, his mouth from his lips thin, and his chin well formed and powerful.

The nose was aquiline; the lips, a trifle full, were nevertheless beautifully shaped.

Kind words he ever had for all;He knew no base design: His eyes were dark and rather small,His nose was aquiline.

She had an aquiline nose, a large expressive, prominent mouth.

His nose was aquiline and well cut, but the suggestion of his nationality was elusive.

His aunt had delicate aquiline features, and a singularly beautiful pale skin.

His features are regular and handsome, his nose straight or aquiline, sometimes short or slightly flattened, never ill-sloped.

Their skin is copper-hued, but they have straight eyes, an aquiline nose, a free and haughty physiognomy.

In type he was American, approaching the Indian; tall, slightly aquiline of feature, somewhat granitic and imperturbable.

There emerged a tall and formidable-looking old lady, with an aquiline nose and abundant, well-arranged grey hair.