Aquiver [adjective]

Definition of Aquiver:


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Sentence/Example of Aquiver:

Through the ravine runs a brook; the tiny pebbles at its bottom are all aquiver through its clear eddies.

Her situation had been developing beyond anything she had ever dreamed of; she was aquiver as to what might happen next.

It needs, on the Cetonia's abdomen, a yielding support which the bites of the new-born larva will not set aquiver.

She drew herself up and seemed frightened; her intent gaze was all aquiver, all aglow with expectation.

Susan was staring at me, wide-eyed, her face aquiver with excitement; two deep spots of color flaming on her thin cheeks.

Her hands shook, and a cold, fine shiver ran down her back, setting her skin aquiver.

Old Wigmore got to his feet, his gray beard aquiver with anger.

She stood tense as a pointer, every hair of her long white coat bristlingly aquiver.

Her nerves aquiver, Jane waited until he was out of the store and then stepped briskly to the place where he had stood.

Sleigh-bells fairly leaped out of the quiet, and Roger jumped and gulped, aquiver with excitement.