Arabesque [noun]

Definition of Arabesque:

particular type of embellishment

Synonyms of Arabesque:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arabesque:

Sentence/Example of Arabesque:

This contains the seventeen books, and is very beautifully written, and illuminated with arabesque designs.

A sort of arabesque resembling the backbone of a fish called the Tollo.

The decorative style of that period is sometimes called the Arabesque, and sometimes the Grotesque.

But with such care has every detail been arranged, one never thinks of the balance, the arabesque, the pattern.

The Allegretti opens with an arabesque tone-poem of somber sweetness, under which strange and varied delights are hidden.

Gold, intricately engraved in an Arabesque pattern, and set in the center with a single diamond.

The Arabesque roof was borne on Byzantine arches, which gave free access on three sides from a delightful parterre.

The carpet, which was in itself a study, was an arabesque pattern of oak upon a light-blue ground.

The carved arabesque work indicates the period of this picture, which has been much injured by the hand of time.

But were Shelley's chief contemporaries admirers of the arabesque of the cockney school, or were they affected by it?