Arable [adjective]

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I wanted to find a more efficient way to use land and resources so that we could let more arable areas remain wild, or to remain lower production but allow for greater biodiversity.

This was matched by an increasing ability to redirect water supplies and tap into aquifers, helping turn some arid regions into fertile arable land.

From there it enters arable land, gobbling roads, crops, animals, and houses.

Perhaps most amazingly, it only takes seven hours to transform a piece of land from arid to arable with LNC application.

Extensive tracts of good arable land exist in many parts of the Acadian region.

Chief among the causes of the misery of the peasants was the extent to which arable land was converted into pasture.

Reducing more and more that famishing dog-kennel of a Brandenburg into a fruitful arable field.

The idleness of arable and pasture land is as nothing compared to the idleness of the wide, rolling downs.

One of these, with the adjacent domain of arable fields and woods, had the name of a villa or manse.

Young is driven out of all patience by the sight of 'fern, ling, and other trumpery' usurping the place of possible arable fields.