Arachnid [noun]

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The arachnid are followed by the myriapoda (centipedes, etc.), and these by the insecti or true insects.

His comparison of the Arachnid appendages with those of insects and Crustacea is very curious.

Patten considers the Pteraspids as derived from primitive arachnid or spider-like forms having a bony carapace as Limulus has.

The characteristics of the median eyes must then be especially sought for in the arachnid group.

He simply, therefore, substituted Arachnid for Annelid in the old theory.

Are you familiar with the beautiful, big arachnid with the yellow-and-black wings?

It treats of curious animals which the author considers as more nearly allied to the Insecta than to the Crustacea or Arachnid.

Apes employ this method, pull out his sting, and crunch the now inoffensive Arachnid.

Another very disgusting arachnid liable to attack man is the Galeodes araneoides.