Arbalest [noun]

Definition of Arbalest:

arm, armament

Opposite/Antonyms of Arbalest:


Sentence/Example of Arbalest:

Then Segramore kept the boat off, and Kempion bent his arbalest bow and aimed an arrow at the head of the beast.

His Queries of course have reference to the long bow, and not to the arbalest, or cross-bow.

Then opening a large chest that stood against the wall, he rummaged a moment, and at last withdrew an arbalest quarrel.

"Wrapped round an arbalest-bolt that fell on the ramparts yesterday whilst I was walking there alone," returned Gonzaga coolly.

Through an arrow-slit he had watched him take down and examine an arbalest, place it on the table and sit down to write.

The weapon still retained its supremacy as a missile over the clumsy arbalest with its complicated array of wheels and levers.

And hark ye, by the way, unwind the arbalest before you cross; it is ever well to be on the safe side.

The form of the arbalest of this time may be seen in our woodcut, No. 50.

He looked, and there was poor Denys sinking, sinking, weighed down by his wretched arbalest.

"On thy back," said he sharply, and seizing the arbalest and taking a stroke forward he aided the desired movement.