Arbiters [noun]

Definition of Arbiters:

person who settles dispute

Synonyms of Arbiters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arbiters:


Sentence/Example of Arbiters:

The Franks were accustomed to appeal to the drawn sword as being the only arbiter of existence.

The one whose throw was the highest was forthwith declared the rx (magister, arbiter) bibend.

Having got an upright judge, they must use him as the arbiter of their differences.

She was the dispenser of court favors, the arbiter of fortunes, the real ruler of the land.

And with this I conclude, inclosing to you these lines, written in your own hand, and leaving you the arbiter of their value.

The Arbiter had indeed reason to cheer on the Cape to Cairo railway, which day by day seemed more likely of accomplishment.

Then, as he took up the Arbiter, his eye suddenly fell upon a heading that took his breath away.

This is one more mystery to explain, and proves that the individual herself who works these wonders is not their sole arbiter.

Again Buenos Aires put herself forward as the arbiter of the destinies of the nation.

Perhaps he had some hope of being named arbiter in this cause which threatened to divide the Christian world.