Arbitrages [noun]

Definition of Arbitrages:

trading of stock by computer

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Sentence/Example of Arbitrages:

They may be hulking, legacy businesses, but the agency holding groups represent something that’s like catnip to private equity investors — an arbitrage opportunity.

Call it a kind of pandemic arbitrage, said Jeffrey Bank, chief executive officer of Alicart Restaurant Group, which owns destination eateries including Carmine’s in New York and in the Tropicana Atlantic City.

If you’re a DR media buyer, you saw a value arbitrage opportunity mid March-April as a bunch of brands pulled out of market.

Other companies that are already using D-Wave’s new system include Accenture, which D-Wave said had used the hybrid solver to help a banking client “pilot quantum applications for currency arbitrage, credit scoring, and trading optimization.”

Like operations in exchange arbitrage, there is no limit to the number of kinds of business in which "futures" may figure.

They had no relation to the ebb and flow of commerce as modern arbitrage transactions have.

Arbitrage operations are for these reasons resorted to frequently by one country in supplying the requirements of another.

In ordinary times those engaged in arbitrage operate with a very small margin of profit.

Arbitrage operations with distant countries such as India are large and mainly profitable.

They feed off market failures, market imbalances, arbitrage opportunities, shortages and inefficiencies.