Arbitrament [noun]

Definition of Arbitrament:

law judgment

Synonyms of Arbitrament:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arbitrament:

Sentence/Example of Arbitrament:

At any rate why could not women be kept out of it and let men adjust their quarrel with the stern arbitrament of sword and gun!

It was inevitable that Carver should undervalue moral suasion; a military man, he recognized only the arbitrament of brute force.

I hope, in Heaven's name, they will not be submitted to the arbitrament of battle.

The right interpretation of a state-paper, however venerable, would not have been a question worthy of such terrible arbitrament.

All her pistol practice was with a view to call Furlong to the "last arbitrament" for this slight to her house.

Its object is to achieve by persuasion and negotiation what otherwise must be left to the arbitrament of war.

Yes, Sir; but you seem to forget, if we proceed to this arbitrament, it is not a mere exchange of fire will satisfy my friend.

In a body they retired to seize their rifles and to submit the question to the arbitrament of battle.

Buoyed up by bubbles such as these they have determined to tempt the stern arbitrament of battle.

But the arbitrament of the vote did not allay the suspicions of the Opposition.