Arbitrarinesses [noun]

Definition of Arbitrarinesses:


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Sentence/Example of Arbitrarinesses:

There was also a huge focus on microtransaction boosters, which made arbitrary requirements to the player that encouraged spending, or more grinding.

People who have applied for services describe an arduous and arbitrary qualifying process.

While firms can turn to the courts if they view CFIUS’s actions as arbitrary or heavy-handed, this may be a long shot.

Israel operates a complex permit regime for Palestinians, described by human rights groups as exploitative and arbitrary.

She knows that the signifier has an arbitrary relationship with the signified.

She is chosen, not by any momentary arbitrariness, but as a result of foregoing hereditary conditions: she obeys.

There can be no irregularity, inconsistency, arbitrariness or caprice in His doings, for such would mean injustice.

The assumption has been that arbitrariness was the chief feature of the whole process.

All law is supposed to be just, otherwise it is arbitrariness and not law.

Sometimes she opposes and quarrels with her, if the mother has less tact than arbitrariness.