Arbitrated [verb]

Definition of Arbitrated:

achieve settlement

Opposite/Antonyms of Arbitrated:

Sentence/Example of Arbitrated:

The matter was arbitrated and it consisted in the gospel workers paying tribute to the king.

As to the kind of questions arbitrated upon, they comprise most of the hard nuts familiar to students of the Labour problem.

On my return to his settlement a few days later I visited the father for the purpose of having the case arbitrated.

All legal matters are arbitrated by the Medjlis since the abolition of the various tribunals, which were founded in 1857.

Did matrimony languish through complications, he mediated, soothed and arbitrated.

The matter is then arbitrated by the driver who accepts as client the one who offers the largest pourboire.

"We arbitrated the question and have settled on a compromise," Patty replied with quiet dignity.

I'll howd it wi'out fear nor favour, an' when you both cooms back we'll have it properly arbitrated on.'

It also arbitrated disputes, admitted new worlds to membership, and organized concerted human effort against dangerous enemies.

The idea of the conference was to arrange that the dispute might he arbitrated.