Arbitrates [verb]

Definition of Arbitrates:

achieve settlement

Opposite/Antonyms of Arbitrates:

Sentence/Example of Arbitrates:

While the company made some changes, such as no longer forcing employees to arbitrate workplace claims, the bulk of those demands remain unmet.

With regard to any specific rules for dressing, we do not pretend to arbitrate in such matters.

The situation was very novel to the lieutenant, and he did not feel competent to arbitrate between the contending parties.

The judge who was appointed by the State to arbitrate personal controversies developed into a criminal judge.

Gregory himself had, hitherto, claimed only the right to judge, to arbitrate at the head of a National Diet.

Dispute arose as to liability, and I was called on to arbitrate.

He has said: "We may have to arbitrate these things," as he might say, "We had better take a cab because it is raining."

Finally, they agreed to arbitrate the matter if I alone would act as arbitrator.

Only, my dearest life, resolve to attend the arrival and visit of Lady Betty; and permit her to arbitrate between us.

No men can arbitrate this, you, as business men would let no man say how that business should be conducted.