Arbitrators [noun]

Definition of Arbitrators:

settler of a dispute

Synonyms of Arbitrators:

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Sentence/Example of Arbitrators:

Two school buildings are unable to open Tuesday because the arbitrator found that the proper reopening protocol, which requires teachers and parents to participate in an extensive building walk through, was not followed.

Following counterprotests, the two officers were reinstated by an arbitrator.

Google fears that publishers will overvalue their own content as a tactic, forcing arbitration where arbitrators would be able to impose content-licensing fees on the company without a right to appeal.

The parties can appoint the arbitrator or they can be assigned arbitrators by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

I was proud of my début as an arbitrator, especially as it was rewarded by, what seemed to me then, a very handsome fee.

Want of union, want of mutual assistance, want of a common arbitrator to resort to in their differences.

Here is the duty of arbitrator and peacemaker, but no power or control.

Yes, very likely there would be if they had not appointed me as arbitrator.

The two have a sharp dispute, which is summed up by sop as arbitrator.

It can happen that the conflicting States choose a head of a third State as arbitrator.