Arboreal [adjective]

Definition of Arboreal:

relating to a tree

Synonyms of Arboreal:


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Sentence/Example of Arboreal:

Yet it is doubtful if the man-ape long remained a specially arboreal animal.

The organization of man renders it questionable if his primeval ancestor was arboreal to any similar extent.

Arboreal life could teach them little more; continuance in that school would have meant a very comfortable stagnation.

Our ancestors became at home in and well adapted to arboreal life, but the adaptation was never extreme.

Arboreal life was an excellent preparatory training toward human development.

Up into the trees we went, and on and on, swinging our arboreal flight until we had put miles between us and the caves.

The different kinds of ant-eaters are thus adapted to various modes of life, terrestrial and arboreal.

But such a conception leaves unexplained the great differences between monkeys and gibbons in arboreal and terrestrial activity.

Although Iguana iguana rhinolopha is arboreal, it lives in trees along rivers, into which it plunges upon being disturbed.

Forty-two per cent of the 78 species are wholly or partly arboreal.