Arboreous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Arboreous:

The arboreous vegetation was much the same as on the other side of the pass.

On the banks Stravadium, and an arboreous Butea, a Combretum, are common.

At a temple near Jaisa found the Juniper of Oongar in flower, and arboreous, attaining a height of about 40 feet.

The arable lands of Hango are nearly destitute of trees, a few willows being the only arboreous vegetation.

They are plentiful about Moose Factory and inland, where they breed, choosing an arboreous situation.

It is only in the torrid zone that one sees these lavish developments of verdure, these labyrinths of charming arboreous effect.

In Kamschatka also they assume a sub-arboreous type, as well as on the steppes of Afghanistan.

He strode down the mountain as though he had been born on its arboreous slopes.