Arboriculture [noun]

Definition of Arboriculture:

forest management

Synonyms of Arboriculture:

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Sentence/Example of Arboriculture:

I have never met with the verb in that sense elsewhere, but overtop is evermore the appropriate term in arboriculture.

Coffee planters combat pests and diseases principally with sprays, as in other lines of advanced arboriculture.

The success of arboriculture on the formerly treeless plains and plateaus, however, decreases as one travels westward.

If Mr. Langly had gone into arboriculture instead of into the ministry, he would have planted nothing but weeping-willows.

On the panels outside are arranged the tools and implements of arboriculture and forestry.

They have no business under any known theory of arboriculture to be beautiful, but beautiful they are.

An interesting and instructive book dealing with a phase of arboriculture hitherto not touched upon.

The most useful guide to good arboriculture in the English language.

It does not deal with the individual tree and its planting and care,—that would be arboriculture.

But, in fact, two crops of the same kind of wood on the same soil is not according to the arboriculture which nature teaches.