Arbors [noun]

Definition of Arbors:

point around which something revolves

Synonyms of Arbors:

Opposite/Antonyms of Arbors:


Sentence/Example of Arbors:

The outer end of the mainspring is attached to the rim of the barrel, and the inner end to the barrel arbor.

On the circumference of the barrel are gear teeth, and those teeth engage corresponding teeth on the arbor of the center.

These arbor teeth are in all cases called, not “wheels” but “pinions,” and in watch trains the wheels always drive the pinions.

When that wheel turns to the right, as it must, it will force back the arm of the pallet which swings on its arbor.

The studio had disappeared under the verdant arbor, while a wonderful spangled tree rose like a fairy dream, in one corner.

There was a quadruple row of vehicles on three sides of the arbor, the fourth being, at considerable pains, left open for passage.

Late in the evening we hailed the Gaelic shoars, and hankered in the arbor of Balong sir-mare.

Excitement ran high on the day when Robin was released from the jail—otherwise a small rustic arbor—by his trusty followers.

They stepped over the wall and made their way along the little path by the grape arbor.

Not long had she waited when a merry company came trooping over to the arbor and young voices filled the air.