Arcade [noun]

Definition of Arcade:

covered way

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Sentence/Example of Arcade:

In the downstairs “Fun Society,” he removed arcade games and pool tables, needing the extra space for more dining tables, separated by plexiglass dividers, and 40 bar stools.

So even though there’s been an uptick in spending on homes and home renovation, it’s not nearly enough to make up for the steep drop in travel, eating out and fun evenings at the ballpark or arcade.

When she started in 1983, Nintendo of America was still a small 70-person company focused on arcade games like Donkey Kong and one-off portables in the Game & Watch line.

Shmup fans like myself were spoiled with originals and arcade ports like R-Type and Blazing Lazers.

Simple arcade workoutThis one’s for the arcade game lovers or those who only track that one big score.

They eventually found their son, safe and sound, asleep outside a video game arcade.

In the years following his sleepwalking adventure, Ash became a regular at the neighborhood arcade, where he could access a magical world.

Not to create too great a stir, Malcolm pulled up both horses at the entrance to the arcade.

Beneath the balcony was an arcade where many seats were disposed among palms and pampas grass.

This type of arcade or window is found in early German work, except that, as a rule, there is a capital under the impost block.