Arcadian [adjective]

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Old Warrender would lean on his daisy-spud a pleased spectator of the Arcadian scene.

Michael often looked back to that first term in the Lower Third as a period of Arcadian simplicity, a golden age.

The only wind instrument existing among them is the Pibbegwon, a kind of flute, resembling in simplicity the Arcadian pipe.

Trees, rocks, broken sunlight, and a summer breeze made the little scene quite Arcadian.

Vereker thinks of Sally's putative parents, the Arcadian shepherdess and the thunderbolt.

So high and watchful is social morality amid the charming Arcadian simplicity of our outlying English country villages.

You enter through an avenue which is made to look almost Arcadian.

But both Cupids and goddess were dingy with age, and seemed to have grown too old for such Arcadian revels.

It was she who asked a thousand questions of that Arcadian time, and Mrs. Polk responded with enthusiasm.

The staff was quartered to right and left, and a clump of pines in the rear served for an Arcadian kitchen.