Archaeologist [noun]

Definition of Archaeologist:

student of the physical remains of ancient cultures or eras

Synonyms of Archaeologist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Archaeologist:


Sentence/Example of Archaeologist:

An old fellow more archaeologist than judge, who found delight in the petty squabbles under his eyes.

This notable archaeologist began his career in the East as an officer in the Bombay army.

Near her sat a much less remarkable person—Thomas Grealy, historian and archaeologist.

Generally speaking, the position of a European archaeologist in India is very sad.

But I think perhaps Corhampton church is of more interest to the archaeologist than to the average tourist.

The fact that any one in creation should not know what an archaeologist was seemed unbelievable, but a fact it evidently was.

Captain Jethro stroked his beard, frowned, and gazed steadily at the face of the little archaeologist.

I felt like an archaeologist guessing at the functions of strange relics he'd found in a dead city.

But it required the arduous labours of the archaeologist to prove a proposition that, once proven, seems self-evident.

They have done better than the average archaeologist with one or another find to his credit.