Archaeologists [noun]

Definition of Archaeologists:

student of the physical remains of ancient cultures or eras

Synonyms of Archaeologists:

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Sentence/Example of Archaeologists:

This statement is made by one of the most able archaeologists and semitic scholars in the world.

As for the archaeologists, they are unable even to determine whether this temple was built by Buddhists or Brahmans.

The final removal of the bones was conducted in the presence of a number of German archaeologists expressly invited to attend.

The hints which it is the object of this volume to convey are not meant for experienced archaeologists.

No one knows were Nod was situated, nor can the most learned archaeologists denote the actual position of Tarshish.

The discoveries of Morgan are now universally recognized, or rather appropriated, even by the archaeologists of England.

A moment's examination by one of the archaeologists would show that it was of concrete, and new concrete at that.

We relate the events of the past to the people, not merely to a handful of archaeologists and numismaticians.

According to the prevailing opinion of archaeologists this innovation cannot have taken place after the tenth century.

According to French archaeologists the game was also called bonheur, chance, fortune, and hasard.