Archaic [adjective]

Definition of Archaic:

very old

Synonyms of Archaic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Archaic:

Sentence/Example of Archaic:

Spacing after punctuation standardized, inconsistent hyphenation and archaic spelling retained.

The following archaic spellings of words were used in the original book and have been retained: head-ach; concuring; delinated.

He even brushed up his archaic French for the sake of inquiring directly after the child's health from Fanchette.

In English archaic writings the instances in which the mention of the Satanic power is thus utilised are not numerous.

Neither are we able to support the contention that it takes its rise in the archaic “woundy,” which perished in the same fires.

It was just the thing for the market—it fitted in with the smells; it was something incredibly hideous and archaic.

But behind the Kymry, as likewise admittedly behind the Cretans, are the traces of an even more primitive and archaic race.

When we deal with a deity in his most archaic form it is difficult to distinguish him from a demon.

The translation is in imitative measures and in archaic style.

No attempt is made to preserve alliteration or archaic diction.