Archangelic [adjective]

Definition of Archangelic:

sweet, kind, and usually beautiful

Synonyms of Archangelic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Archangelic:

Sentence/Example of Archangelic:

It is goldsmith's work on a gigantic scale, this marble reliquary of the archangelic painter.

Archangelic smiles must broaden into silent laughter at the mere mention of "a Potage of Green Geese."

Rather the hills seemed to turn about me like the enormous sails of a windmill, a vast wheel of monstrous archangelic wings.

This rather tickled the Master, who up till then had never considered archangelic possibilities in boxing.

Meanwhile, we trust that a watchful eye will be kept upon the angelic footmen and archangelic coachman.

This strange warfare was inaugurated by the great archangelic leader.

Perhaps that steep of light is the dwelling-place of angels cherubic, seraphic, archangelic.

A thousand times over I was duped by dreams of an archangelic fusion of the opposing forces in the great strife of ideas.

After his defeat, what can be more impressive than his all-enduring Archangelic passion, glorious in its all-defying mood?

Impossible to blame a chair for not being as reasonable, as archangelic as I am myself!