Archbishops [noun]

Definition of Archbishops:

person in charge of church

Synonyms of Archbishops:

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Sentence/Example of Archbishops:

The archbishop of Manila sends to the king (July 30, 1621) an account of ecclesiastical and some other affairs in his diocese.

William King, archbishop of Dublin, died; author of a celebrated treatise on the origin of evil.

Hubert, archbishop of Canterbury, made lord chancellor in consideration of his services in crowning king John.

The King had his young daughter very magnificently christened by Archbishop Cranmer.

The Archbishop of York postponed misfortune by being too late with measures of resistance.

Some of the stones of this castrum were used by Archbishop Lanfranc in the construction of a church at Lympne.

Edmund Grindal, archbishop of Canterbury, died; an able theological writer.

The encenia, or dedication of the incomparable theatre at Oxford, endowed and founded 1664, by archbishop Selden.

Robert Nelson had strongly recommended him to Archbishop Tillotson.

The Archbishop went off to Nantes and afterwards found his way to Scotland, where he suffered imprisonment.