Archdeacons [noun]

Definition of Archdeacons:

person in charge of church

Synonyms of Archdeacons:

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Sentence/Example of Archdeacons:

The archdeacon speaks of spiritual geniuses, "geniuses in the region in which man holds communion with God."

This last circumstance struck the archdeacon with amazement, and increased his fears for the peace of the city.

The tone of conviction, the imposing authority of the archdeacon's character, left a profound impression upon the man.

The archdeacon, not daring to contradict the bishop, seeing the bishop spoke the truth, lowered his head in mute pain.

"I implore you, yield to these wise words," now put in the archdeacon addressing Gaudry.

“I behave to that girl, sir, like an archdeacon,” replied Van Tromp warmly.

We went over to Timberdale Church in the morning, a lot of us, to hear the Archdeacon preach.

The Pulpit is a memorial of Archdeacon Paley, who is buried close at hand in the north choir aisle.

The rector of the university was usually the archdeacon of the cathedral or the chancellor of the diocese.

There was no hardship in being curate to such an incumbent as Archdeacon M'C., beloved by all who knew him.