Archduke [noun]

Definition of Archduke:

member of royal or important family

Synonyms of Archduke:

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Sentence/Example of Archduke:

It was a most difficult and dangerous operation, for at any moment the Archduke John might appear on the exposed right flank.

His accession to the throne was opposed by the archduke of Austria, and gave rise to one of the most bloody wars on record.

For two years the Archduke had been studying his task, and that in the light of ample experience.

The Archduke intended to take and hold the village if possible, and the fighting continued there until midnight.

The Archduke Charles was a fine strategic theorist, in his age second only to Napoleon.

The Archduke examined the ash of his cigarette, but said nothing.

Had her presence and his in the rose garden been discovered by one of the Archduke's retainers?

The Archduke hesitated but a moment longer, and then thrust forward.

The Archduke nodded with a frown, and followed with the Admiral into the garden.

There had long been rumors of an entente between Archduke and Kaiser, but this!